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Your book deserves the best treatment, and we're here to make sure it gets it. 


Audiobook Studio is a bespoke recording studio between Bradford and Leeds, West Yorkshire that specialises in audiobook production.


From recording the first spoken word through to launching on Audible, Findaway Voices, Apple books etc, we work with publishers and independent authors to bring audiobooks to life.


Are you self published and looking to expand your reach?


Great! We can help you sound your best. Whether you want to narrate your own book or have someone else do it for you, we can help.


Are you a publisher looking to have an audiobook made?


Great! We are here to make that happen. Whether your author is narrator, or you need a seasoned professional, we can help.


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The Recording Studio



Some examples of recordings made at Audiobook Studio.


Marching with Caesar (Conquest of Gaul), read by Simon Burdett

Prince Charm-Bin, read by the author Jenny York

Standout or Die, read by Luke Collins

How Does it work?

Step 1: Do you have a narrator?

This is arguably the most important part of the project - giving your book a voice. If you have a narrator, great! Move on to Step 2. If not, have a listen to some of our available narrators, hopefully one of them will fit the bill. If not, contact us with some details and we'll work on getting you some narration options to suit your project.


Step 2: Can you get to the studio?

Our studio is in Greengates, Bradford. If you can get to us, great! That's the easiest solution all round, ensuring we can deliver pristine audio in a comfortable environment. If not, no problem, we can bring the studio to you. Contact us with some details of your project and we can work out a solution to meet your needs.


Step 3: Give us a call / email / fill in the form below. We love to chat audiobooks and are happy to guide you through the process, or give advice on how you can achieve your audiobook goals.


Step 4: Let's make your book!

The fun part. We'll guide you through the whole process, which looks like:

  • Checking your book for any adaptations needed to the text (common in non fiction where diagrams need referencing).
  • Recording (at our studio or on location).
  • Editing (removing any unwanted noises, gaps, errors, loud breathing etc)
  • Re-recording any problems picked up by the editor (we allow a session just for this at the end to corrrect anything that comes up, though in a longer project this will happen parallel to the recording process).
  • Mixing and mastering - making sure your book sounds incredible and is exactly to the specifications required by Audible.
  • Uploading! This part needs to be done by you, as it will include all your banking information etc to get you paid, but it's not too difficult and we can guide you through the process.


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About Us

Audiobook Studio is the result of over 20 years spent working in recorded sound. After graduating with a BSc Hons in Music Technology from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2001, and working for several years part time in a range of smaller studios and in live sound, founder Luke Collins began his career in studio recording full time at Nonsuch Park Studio in 2007 working alongside Julian Kindred (Ellie Goulding, Hammock, etc). 11 years and a lot of studio miles later, he had his own recording studio built in Apperley Bridge, West Yorkshire. He's been working from there on a range of music and spoken word projects since 2018, and while still making music, the studio now focuses heavily on audiobook and long form spoken word projects. has more examples of the studio's musical output.

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